Thursday, 2 April 2015

Ihab Anwar - Trip to Canada

Ihab Anwar was not much of a traveler growing up. The native of the United Kingdom had never left his home country until he was old enough to go on a semester at sea trip for college. That was when his life was ultimately changed for the better. He now had a thirst for exploration that he had yet to fulfill; and it all started with a trip that put him on 15 different countries in a matter of 108 days, setting a pace that he now had to adopt and become more comfortable with.

Ihab Anwar - Trip to Canada

When the ship first set sail from the UK, Ihab Anwar and his friends got to experience more of their part of the world before crossing the Atlantic. They got to experience, France, Spain and Morocco for a few weeks before making it over to the Americas. But once they landed on the North American continent, they went to learn some new things about the continent’s northernmost population after seeing what life is like in Florida, America’s southernmost state. They explored Canada for two weeks getting to see all the top sights in Quebec, Nova Scotia and Ontario. They went to Niagara Falls, they went hiking in Nova Scotia and they explored the metropolises of Montreal and Toronto. They also got to see a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game, which was the first live NHL experience that Dr. Ihab Anwar, and many other people on the trip, ever had.

Ihab Anwar learned much from his trip to Canada, and he would like to go back and see the western parts one day.

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