Friday, 24 April 2015

Morocco Trip Made Dr. Ihab Anwar Learn Valuable Experiences

Dr. Ihab Anwar is a British national who just spent the fall of 2014 on a boat, cruising his way through a genuine life changing experience while also gaining valuable education and credits that are essential to getting his degree. One of the most valuable lessons he gained was in Morocco, where he learned an entirely new way of life that made him realize how truly big the world is.

Before going to Morocco, Ihab Anwar has never been on another continent. He had grown up in the United Kingdom, and has seen many part of Europe, but he had never made outside of the many countries of Europe. Now having stepped or onto Africa soil, he had officially been farther from his home than ever before. 

Dr. Ihab Anwar - Morocco Trip

Ihab Anwar’s trip to Morocco showed him a side of himself that he had never known before; that of the eager explorer, ready to take on unfamiliar waters and lands and make the most of it while also gaining valuable experiences that will fulfill his curiosities and serve as valuable lessons he can apply over and over again throughout his lifetime.

Ihab Anwar spent most of his time in Morocco through exploiting the historic streets of Casablanca. He mingled with locals and learned many things about the language and lifestyle of the Moroccans. He also tried new foods, explored new areas and realized his thirst for adventure had gotten bigger than ever.

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