Friday, 24 April 2015

Morocco Trip Made Dr. Ihab Anwar Learn Valuable Experiences

Dr. Ihab Anwar is a British national who just spent the fall of 2014 on a boat, cruising his way through a genuine life changing experience while also gaining valuable education and credits that are essential to getting his degree. One of the most valuable lessons he gained was in Morocco, where he learned an entirely new way of life that made him realize how truly big the world is.

Before going to Morocco, Ihab Anwar has never been on another continent. He had grown up in the United Kingdom, and has seen many part of Europe, but he had never made outside of the many countries of Europe. Now having stepped or onto Africa soil, he had officially been farther from his home than ever before. 

Dr. Ihab Anwar - Morocco Trip

Ihab Anwar’s trip to Morocco showed him a side of himself that he had never known before; that of the eager explorer, ready to take on unfamiliar waters and lands and make the most of it while also gaining valuable experiences that will fulfill his curiosities and serve as valuable lessons he can apply over and over again throughout his lifetime.

Ihab Anwar spent most of his time in Morocco through exploiting the historic streets of Casablanca. He mingled with locals and learned many things about the language and lifestyle of the Moroccans. He also tried new foods, explored new areas and realized his thirst for adventure had gotten bigger than ever.

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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Dr. Ihab Anwar - Professional & Social Service Activities that earned laurels

Dr. Ihab Anwar is a doctor and surgeon who works in both the United Kingdom as well as Saudi Arabia. He is a skilled and highly knowledgeable expert who has made a number of valuable contributions to his field through showing an unwavering devotion to his work and a nonstop determination to push advances that can save lives. Dr. Ihab Anwar is highly active and has been involved with a number of activities related to his field, some of which are shared below:

Nov 2010:  Ground Round Coordinator

Nov 2010:   Sentinal Lymph node protocol for the Breast Surgery Unit

Dec 2010:  Early detection Program for Breast Cancer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Dec 2010: Operating Room Coordinator for the General Surgery Dept

Dec 2010: Presentation: OR Scheduling Model

Dec 2010: Journal Club Supervision Intraoperative Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer

Jan 2011: Journal Club Supervision: Sentinal Lymph node Biopsy before neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer

Jan 2011: Surgical Club meeting

Jan 2011: Member of the Trauma Committee, held regular monthly meetings

Jan 2011:  Presentation of the study: Same day admission Laparoscopic Cholecystectomies for acute cholecystitis, 9TH   International Congress in Laparoscopy . Cairo, Egypt

April 2011: Attended the international Symposium in Morbid Obesity, Barcelona, Spain

April 2011: Presented 3 lectures in Medina Surgical meeting, Medina: Fundoplication, Video for fundoplication surgery and Future of Morbid Obesity.

With all of these activities and more, Dr. Ihab Anwar has displayed his knack for involvement within his field.

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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

How Dr. Ihab Anwar started his career

Dr. Ihab Anwar was once a Registrar at King Fahad Hospital, Al Baha, Saudi Arabia from 1996-1990.
This is a 400 bed, highly equipped secondary referral hospital, serving a community of more than 300,000 people. It offered excellent medical services and was operated by the American Medical International Company. As a registrar in this hospital, he undertook general surgical cases under the supervision of hospital consultants. This job included an on-call rota component, (1 in 3).

Dr. Ihab Anwar was also the Specialist of Surgery at Islam Medical Centre, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
This is one of the busiest private medical centres in Jeddah. Dr. Ihab Anwar commenced his surgical specialization at this centre, performing most of the common surgical procedures, including emergency cases. During this period, he had three months clinical attachment with a senior consultant surgeon at Lincoln County Hospital, United Kingdom. During His tenure at this organization, Dr. Anwar assisted him with most of the major surgical operations he performed.

Before then, Dr. Ihab Anwar was a Full Time Resident in the Hepatobiliary Unit at Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt. He gained his first experience in hepatobiliary surgery by working in this specialized unit. The procedures learnt included hepatic lobectomy and reconstruction of the common bile duct strictures. While there, he also gained considerable experience in dealing with the most common medical and surgical emergency cases.

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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Dr. Ihab Anwar - Enjoyed his France Trip

Dr. Ihab Anwar is no stranger to travel, thanks to the outstanding journey he just went on to fifteen different countries via a cruise ship and accompanied by some of his college classmates that he has now developed lifelong relationships with. Upon embarking on his adventure from his homeland of the United Kingdom, he and his classmates cruised to the shores of France, where they had a promising introduction to their next 100 days abroad together.

Landing along the Atlantic Coast of the country, Dr. Ihab Anwar ad his classmates walked the beaches of Normandy and other historical areas, gaining valuable knowledge about periods in history that ultimately affected the course of history. 

Dr. Ihab Anwar - Enjoyed his France Trip

After spending their first few days along the coast, Ihab Anwar and his classmates headed inland and got to experience all that France’s capital city has to offer. Paris is world-renown for its many art museums, tourist attractions and outstanding food. Anwar and his friends made the most of it as they could; and even though they were on a college budget they still managed to fulfill all of their wishes on this expedition.

Of all the things that Ihab Anwar liked about France, he enjoyed the food the most. He enjoyed going to cafes and bakeries owned by families and trying out all of their creations based of home recipes. He also enjoyed going to places that suggested wine pairings, so he could same one of France’s other culinary staples.

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Friday, 17 April 2015

Dr. Ihab Anwar - Accomplishments for the year 2013 and 2014

Dr. Ihab Anwar is an active member of the medical field who attends a number of conferences and lectures every year. Below is a list of the activities he was involved in during 2013 and 2014:

2013: ELSA Meeting in Riyadh: Chairing a session of Neuroendocrine tumors

Jan 2013: Breast international meeting in Cairo

Jan 2013: Moderating lecture for residents about Trauma

Feb 2013: Attending the Methodist Hospital meeting in Faisalia

Mar 2013: SICOT for transplant, Riyadh

Mar 2013: Tracheal resection, head and neck conference and work shop KTSH

Mar 2013: Lectures for Medical Students: Post-operative complications and Inguino-scrotal swellings.

April 2013: 100 day task force preanaesthesia clinic structure

April 2013: Medical students lectures on Inguinoscrotal swelling and Hernias

Research projects in 2014: The use of heparin or clexane for splenic vein thrombosis post splenectomy;
A case of concurrent splenic lymphangiomatosis and protreus syndrome

December 2013: Published in Saudi Medical Journal.

Jan 2014: Cairo International Breast Cancer conference 11-13

December 2013: Organizing committee member Resident Research Day and chairing a session

March 2014: Attended Miami Breast Cancer conference

March 2014: Presentation at Surgical Club meeting

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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Dr. Ihab Anwar - Registrar in the Department of Surgery

Dr. Ihab Anwar is a specialist, who has made various huge commitments to his field.

He was previously the Senior Registrar, in the Surgery & A&E Departments at Queen Elizabeth 11 Hospital, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, U.K. This was a rotational post, including Gastro-intestinal surgery, Endocrine surgery and Accident & Emergency Department. His part was that of a Senior Registrar, and was in charge of working records with the specialist mentorship, and in addition outpatient Clinic sessions. Moreover his part included showing junior specialists, including SHO's. His dedication to the accessible as needs be rota was 1 in 4. In this part, Dr. Ihab Anwar picked up an extensive variety of surgical and A&E encounter and added to His aptitudes and involvement in surgical practices.

For a brief while, he was additionally an Honorary Registrar in the Hepatobiliary Unit at Hammersmith Hospital, London. There, he was mindful of the unit convoluted and testing cases, having the chance to pick up experience to the late advances in this field. Working two rundowns a week in addition to supporting in real hepatic resections and pancreatectomies. The available to come back to work rota was 1: 4 with a wide range of surgical crises.

At that point, Dr. Ihab Anwar was a SHO in Accident and Emergency, Hinchingbrook Hospital, Cambridge, U.K. Hinchingbrooke Hospital is a current 460 bed Hospital. As a SHO in A&E, Dr. Ihab Anwar was managing every single surgical emergencie and in this part, he picked up parcel of involvement in the surgical field, with an exceptional enthusiasm for numerous injury. His work included elective surgical systems with outpatient and inpatient care. As a component of this part Dr. Anwar worked a 1: 3 On Call rota.

Another part that Dr. Ihab Anwar held was as a Registrar in the Department of Surgery, At Security Forces Hospital, Riyadh. This is a 500 Tertiary Referral Hospital in Riyadh, KSA. Amid His time here he picked up an extensive involvement in Laparoscopic Surgery, performing more than 1,300 Laparoscopic Cholecystectomies, notwithstanding general surgical practice.

Dr. Ihab Anwar has been a power specialist in Laparoscopic, General and Breast Surgery at the highest point of General Surgery Division, Faisal Specialist Hospital in Asian country, Saudi Arabia.

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Monday, 13 April 2015

Ihab Anwar - Understands What he Wants to Do

Ihab Anwar is a foreign exchange student from the United Kingdom who is currently enrolled in school at the University of Rhode Island. He is an enthusiastic student who displays a certain zeal for his studies that are reflected I his good grades as well as the respect that he garnished from his fellow classmates as well as his professors. He has a number of interests which have steered his studies in a number of directions, which is essentially why he has switched majors once already and is thinking about doing it again. Just like many other students seeking their undergraduate degrees, Ihab Anwar understands what he wants to do, and now just needs to find the best way to do exactly that. He wants to have a positive impact on environmental policy, which has led him to these three disciplines:


Ihab Anwar was first a Journalism major, because he knew that the ability to write and deliver effective information is universally applicable to all professional careers. In s journalism studies, he also gained the ability to effectively interview people.
Marine Biology
Marine Biology is his current major, as Ihab Anwar has always had a deep interest with our bodies of water and the animals who live in them.
Political Science
Now having decided that he thinks he can make the biggest impact on his most pressing concern through policymaking, Ihab Anwar is considering a switch to political science so that he can be on the frontlines of the debates that ultimately determine environmental policy.