Monday, 13 April 2015

Ihab Anwar - Understands What he Wants to Do

Ihab Anwar is a foreign exchange student from the United Kingdom who is currently enrolled in school at the University of Rhode Island. He is an enthusiastic student who displays a certain zeal for his studies that are reflected I his good grades as well as the respect that he garnished from his fellow classmates as well as his professors. He has a number of interests which have steered his studies in a number of directions, which is essentially why he has switched majors once already and is thinking about doing it again. Just like many other students seeking their undergraduate degrees, Ihab Anwar understands what he wants to do, and now just needs to find the best way to do exactly that. He wants to have a positive impact on environmental policy, which has led him to these three disciplines:


Ihab Anwar was first a Journalism major, because he knew that the ability to write and deliver effective information is universally applicable to all professional careers. In s journalism studies, he also gained the ability to effectively interview people.
Marine Biology
Marine Biology is his current major, as Ihab Anwar has always had a deep interest with our bodies of water and the animals who live in them.
Political Science
Now having decided that he thinks he can make the biggest impact on his most pressing concern through policymaking, Ihab Anwar is considering a switch to political science so that he can be on the frontlines of the debates that ultimately determine environmental policy.

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