Tuesday, 21 April 2015

How Dr. Ihab Anwar started his career

Dr. Ihab Anwar was once a Registrar at King Fahad Hospital, Al Baha, Saudi Arabia from 1996-1990.
This is a 400 bed, highly equipped secondary referral hospital, serving a community of more than 300,000 people. It offered excellent medical services and was operated by the American Medical International Company. As a registrar in this hospital, he undertook general surgical cases under the supervision of hospital consultants. This job included an on-call rota component, (1 in 3).

Dr. Ihab Anwar was also the Specialist of Surgery at Islam Medical Centre, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
This is one of the busiest private medical centres in Jeddah. Dr. Ihab Anwar commenced his surgical specialization at this centre, performing most of the common surgical procedures, including emergency cases. During this period, he had three months clinical attachment with a senior consultant surgeon at Lincoln County Hospital, United Kingdom. During His tenure at this organization, Dr. Anwar assisted him with most of the major surgical operations he performed.

Before then, Dr. Ihab Anwar was a Full Time Resident in the Hepatobiliary Unit at Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt. He gained his first experience in hepatobiliary surgery by working in this specialized unit. The procedures learnt included hepatic lobectomy and reconstruction of the common bile duct strictures. While there, he also gained considerable experience in dealing with the most common medical and surgical emergency cases.

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