Saturday, 21 March 2015

Ihab Anwar: Journaling Adventure

The Fall 2014 academic semester was one that Ihab Anwar won’t soon forget, as it provided him the chance to explore the world, Europe and parts of the Bahamas in ways he won’t soon forget. As an eager young participant in a highly-acclaimed Semester at Sea program, Anwar enjoyed exposure to some of the most historic ports, cities and cultures that line the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean, as well as to connect with other aspiring scholars who shared his enthusiasm for learning and for adventure.

The Semester at Sea voyage, which lasted nearly three total months, brought students like Ihab Anwar face-to-face with the cities and destinations that have been so instrumental to the development and direction of human history, particularly during the last 500-600 years. Anwar, along with his fellow shipmates, were honored to have been considered for this wonderful hands-on experience, something that will surely resound in their hearts and minds for many years to come.

Ihab Anwar UK

Ihab Anwar, like many of his student colleagues, documented his travels in his private journal, one he will now use to generate a paper on the subject in the very near future. His plan, however, is not just to use his writing to produce something academic, but to perhaps even create a short novel detailing his experience, and to do so quickly, while the memories still freshly reside in his mind.

Ihab Anwar UK

Perhaps even more motivation to write on his experiences is Jenna, a beautiful young student who caught Anwar’s eye very early in the trip. Jenna, who shares Anwar’s love of travel and experience, quickly became the most memorable part of his journey, adding an element of romance to what was an already transcendental experience.

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