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Ihab Anwar: Journaling Adventure

The Fall 2014 academic semester was one that Ihab Anwar won’t soon forget, as it provided him the chance to explore the world, Europe and parts of the Bahamas in ways he won’t soon forget. As an eager young participant in a highly-acclaimed Semester at Sea program, Anwar enjoyed exposure to some of the most historic ports, cities and cultures that line the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean, as well as to connect with other aspiring scholars who shared his enthusiasm for learning and for adventure.

The Semester at Sea voyage, which lasted nearly three total months, brought students like Ihab Anwar face-to-face with the cities and destinations that have been so instrumental to the development and direction of human history, particularly during the last 500-600 years. Anwar, along with his fellow shipmates, were honored to have been considered for this wonderful hands-on experience, something that will surely resound in their hearts and minds for many years to come.

Ihab Anwar UK

Ihab Anwar, like many of his student colleagues, documented his travels in his private journal, one he will now use to generate a paper on the subject in the very near future. His plan, however, is not just to use his writing to produce something academic, but to perhaps even create a short novel detailing his experience, and to do so quickly, while the memories still freshly reside in his mind.

Ihab Anwar UK

Perhaps even more motivation to write on his experiences is Jenna, a beautiful young student who caught Anwar’s eye very early in the trip. Jenna, who shares Anwar’s love of travel and experience, quickly became the most memorable part of his journey, adding an element of romance to what was an already transcendental experience.

Ihab Anwar: A Renewed Interest in Travel

Ihab Anwar traveled quite extensively as a child, following his parents to various destinations around the globe as he lost himself in the many wonders, cultures, sights and smells the world had to offer. The travel bug, so to speak, took Anwar by force, though his passion for traveling began to waver as he became more and more immersed in the adventures of childhood, and academic study, in his hometown of Manchester, England. 

Ihab Anwar - Travel the World

The passion for international travel Ihab Anwar enjoyed as a child has been renewed, thanks to the incredible experiences he attained as a student in the Semester at Sea program. Between September and December of 2014, Ihab Anwar, along with over 700 young scholars from around the globe, enjoyed the opportunity to embark on an incredible, hands-on educational adventure, one that exposed each student to many of the wonders, cultures, beauty and variety the world has to offer.

Ihab Anwar, who was nearly overwhelmed by the 108 day adventure, experienced something transcendental, almost profound, as a Semester at Sea student. Anwar, who is currently studying marine biology at the University of Rhode Island, continues to rave about the experiences he had both on and off the MV Explorer, which served as the students’ transport for the entire three plus months.

Ihab Anwar

Dr. Ihab Anwar is studying both marine biology and journalism as a University of Rhode Island exchange student. Originally a student at the University of Manchester, Anwar plans on pursuing his renewed love of travel following the completion of his undergraduate studies.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Dr. Ihab Anwar: Consummate Professional

Dr. Ihab Anwar is an excellently trained and skilled surgeon practicing currently in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He completed his medical residencies at Alexandria University in Egypt in 1986. Since then he has practiced surgery and held various prominent positions in hospitals around the world—the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, and Saudi Arabia. 

He is a Consultant Surgeon at King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, specializing in laparoscopic, and breast surgery in addition to taking on general surgery cases. King Faisal Specialist Hospital is one of the largest and busiest hospitals in the Middle East with over 900 beds and a comprehensive research center attached to Al Faisal University.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Dr. Ihab Anwar – Top Consultant Surgeon

Dr. Ihab Anwar

Dr. Ihab Anwar is a highly trained, experienced surgeon specializing in laparoscopic and breast reconstruction surgery. Born in Egypt, Dr. Anwar received most of his basic medical education in Europe and completed his residency at Alexandria University in Egypt in 1986. He says of this chapter in his professional career that he gained much experience in dealing with emergency surgical cases. While still at Alexandria University, he was promoted to a full-time resident in Alexandria University’s hospital Hepatobiliary Unit. There he gained valuable experience as a hepatobiliary surgeon working in a specialized unit. Dr. Anwar says that he learned how to conduct a hepatic lobectomy and the reconstruction of the common bile duct strictures during his time there.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Ihab Anwar: Adventures aboard the MV Explorer

The 2014 Semester at Sea program is an experience Ihab Anwar will look back fondly on for the rest of his life. A three month educational voyage to ports, cities and countries adoring the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, respectively, the Semester at Sea adventure exposed Anwar and his classmates to a myriad of sights, cultures and peoples that helped to forever alter their perspective of the world, as well as what it really means to become an active global citizen.

The MV Explorer, a ten-year-old mid-sized cruising vessel, toted both Ihab Anwar and his fellow scholars to ports throughout Europe, Russia and even islands in the Bahamas, exposing each to a wondrous variety of scenic, architectural and historic opportunities rarely found within a classroom setting. Tour Director and History Professor Camron Lodge walked his students through 17 port cities within 15 cities, including the historic St. Petersburg, Russia.

Ihab Anwar UK

“What an incredible place to be!” exclaimed Ihab Anwar in his journal. “So much color and history in such a vibrant and bustling city!  Mr. Lodge walked us past an almost endless array of grandiose palaces and churches…it was almost too much to handle for such a short stay!”

St. Petersburg was just one of many stops along the way, as Anwar and his group were led through critical port cities in Poland, France, Portugal and even the Bahamas. The voyage, which officially ended in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in December of last year, provided students a unique, eye-opening and even profoundly impactful experience; one that will surely influence and impact who they are for many years to come.

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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Ihab Anwar: Becoming a Global Citizen

Semester at Sea is a unique educational program, in that it provides students the opportunity to not only receive and continue a high-quality education, but also to obtain a real, hands-on understanding of the complexities of international relations. This highly experiential academic adventure, available to only a limited few each and every semester, is designed to provide students like Ihab Anwar a better opportunity to become more impactful and more effective global citizens, exposing them to places, cultures and realties that will create more thoughtful, globally-minded decision-makers well into the future.

Ihab Anwar

Ihab Anwar spent the Fall 2014 semester participating in the Semester at Sea program, a 108 day long adventure t5hat took place aboard the MV Explorer cruise vessel. All-in-all, the Semester at Sea students were provided the chance to visit 15 countries along the coast of Europe, the United States and the Bahamas, including 17 separate ports with cultural and historical significance. 

“My parents were a little skeptical when I mentioned the opportunity at first,’ notes Ihab Anwar, who chronicled his Semester at Sea adventure at great length in a personal journal. “When they discovered the considerable opportunity for learning, as well as the immense horizon-broadening potential the trip could provide me, they came on board.”

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Ihab Anwar: A Short History of Gdansk, Poland

Amongst the many places visited by Ihab Anwar during the Fall 2014 Semester at Sea opportunity was Gdansk, Poland, the birthplace of Poland’s solidarity movement, a revolutionary worker’s union created in the early to mid-1980s. One of the first stops on the Semester at Sea tour, Gdansk offered both Anwar and his fellow students a glimpse into a city, and region, which has struggled with much strife and upheaval throughout the 20th century.

Ihab Anwar UK

A studious note-taker, Ihab Anwar paid close attention to lectures Tour Director ‘Mr. Lodge’ delivered during the group’s short journey through Gandsk, which provided everyone involved the opportunity to experience city, and people, admired for their resilience and resistance over the last 100 years. Gdansk, as was explained to the group, was once dominated by the Hanseatics and Prussians, who controlled what was one of the most important and strategic ports in the Baltic region. Once known as Danzig, Gdansk was nearly completely destroyed by bombing raids near the end of WWII. Though the city has since been rebuilt, remnants of the war continue to be visible throughout much of the surrounding region.

Ihab Anwar

Ihab Anwar and his ‘shipmates’ were guided through Gdasnsk’s historical quarter during their brief visit, which, to Anwar at least, was like “walking back through time.” They were then lead to one of the city’s medieval merchant settlements, which, as Mr. Lodge put it, “serves as a powerful reminder of the just how powerful both the city, and the region, were in terms of Eastern European trade throughout much of the last thousand years. 

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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Ihab Anwar - An Experience for the Ages

Ihab Anwar continues to reminisce on last year’s incredible Semester at Sea adventure, one that gave both Anwar and hundreds of his fellow students the opportunity to receive a high-quality education in a unique, hands-on and truly experiential setting. A cruise that takes over three months time, the Institute for Shipboard Education’s Semester at Sea program gives young scholars the chance to experience something truly special; an educational opportunity that encompasses direct contact and experience with cultures, countries and ports that have such important historical value.

Ihab Anwar

Ihab Anwar was selected to participate in the 2014 Fall Semester at Sea program, which set sail from Southampton, England aboard the MV Explorer cruise ship in early September. Dr. Ihab Anwar, along with just over 100 of his fellow young scholars, enjoyed the chance to visit and explore 17 different port cities along the coast of Europe, the Caribbean and the United States, completing their educational adventure last December in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Ihab Anwar - A Foreign Exchange Student

The trip, however, wasn’t merely an extended seagoing jaunt, as every student, including Ihab Anwar, was required to undergo and complete a significant amount of classwork throughout the voyage.

Dr. Ihab Anwar – Extensive European Training

Dr. Ihab Anwar

Dr. Ihab Anwar was born in Egypt and received most of his surgical training and experience in Europe. He is a Fellow of both the Royal College of Surgeons in the United Kingdom, and the American College of Surgeons in the United States. He trained in basic and advanced courses in laparoscopic surgery in Goettingen, Germany and practiced laparoscopic surgery in the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia. He studied cutting edge laser surgery techniques in Saudi Arabia as well. A breast disorder specialist today, Dr. Anwar studied advanced breast reconstruction at the Royal College of Surgeons in London and attended the Breast Cancer International Meeting in Milan, Italy.

Dr. Ihab Anwar has been admitted to the International Society of Surgery, one of the most prestigious international surgical societies in the world. The International Society of Surgery was first established in 1902 in Belgium. Since 1977, the Society has published the World Journal of Surgery regularly, and it has become one of the top journals in the surgery field.

Ihab Anwar gained entrance to this prestigious surgical society after years of excellence all over the world. He became a full-time Surgical Resident at Alexandria University in 1985, and since then has been working on many cutting edge surgical techniques, including laparoscopic surgery and breast reconstruction. He now works as a Consultant Surgeon at King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, one of the largest and busiest hospitals in the region. His work has been heralded as revolutionary at times, and he hopes to continue to work for King Faisal Specialist Hospital for years to come.

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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Dr. Ihab Anwar – Prominent Position at State of the Art Hospital

Dr. Ihab Anwar is a highly skilled and successful surgeon with decades of experience. He works at one of the top hospitals in the Middle East: the King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He is a Consultant Surgeon specializing in laparoscopic and reconstructive breast surgery. Laparoscopic surgery is a relatively new technique using tubes, video cameras, and specialized surgical tools to perform minimally invasive procedures.

Dr. Ihab Anwar says that he is happy to participate in the great surgical practices occurring every day at King Faisal. He calls the hospital a “state of the art, tertiary referral hospital.” It stands as one of the largest and busiest in the region, with 900 beds and a Research Center that has become a Mecca for oncology research. Dr. Anwar revels in being in one of the spotlighted hospitals in the region.

Before his move to Riyadh, Ihab Anwar was a Consultant Surgeon specializing in Breast reconstructive surgery at Colchester General Hospital in Essex, United Kingdom. He also worked as a Consultant Surgeon at Queens Hospital in Trent, United Kingdom. Of all the places he has worked over the years, he says that he loves his work at King Faisal the most, because of its prominence importance in its community. King Faisal was founded in 1975 and remains one of the few options Saudi Arabians with serious illnesses have in Riyadh.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Dr. Ihab Anwar – Laparoscopic Surgery Specialist at King Faisal

Dr. Ihab Anwar is an experienced, highly skilled surgeon specializing in Laparoscopic surgery at King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He is a Fellow of both the Royal College of Surgeons in the United Kingdom, and the American College of Surgeons. He completed a surgical residency with distinction at Alexandria University in 1986 and went on to become a Surgery Specialist at the Islam Medical Center in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Ihab Anwar

Dr. Ihab Anwar is a Consultant Surgeon at King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. King Faisal is one of the largest and busiest hospitals in the Middle East, with 900 beds and a large research center with facilities for postgraduate studies and training in conjunction with the Al Faisal University of Medicine. Dr. Anwar has worked there since 2009.

Ihab Anwar
Before he moved to Riyadh, Ihab Anwar was a Consultant General and Breast Surgeon at Colchester General Hospital in the United Kingdom. He served as a senior surgical consultant at the hospital, which is run by a trust. He quickly rose in the trust and undertook three surgical lists and three clinical sessions a week in two hospital sites, in addition to participating in peripheral surgical clinics in Clacton on Sea.

Dr. Ihab Anwar has practiced at many other hospitals in the United Kingdom, the Middle East, and elsewhere throughout the world. Patients, colleagues, and friends know him for his excellent bedside manner, a consummate professional, and for his honesty and kindness. Dr. Anwar enjoys traveling, reading and playing the piano in his spare time.

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