Monday, 19 January 2015

Ihab Anwar - The World Was His Classroom

Dr. Ihab Anwar recently completed what he is calling the most amazing experience of his life. He was a passenger on board the MV Explorer, which sailed around the world as part of the Semester at Sea program. He and hundreds of other students set sail from England on August 24, 2014, embarking on a voyage that lasted for 108 days and took them to fifteen different countries.

Ihab Anwar - World Was His Classroom"The world was our classroom," Ihab Anwar said shortly after he got back to the campus of the University of Rhode Island, where he is a student studying marine biology and journalism. He says that he is thinking about switching majors to political science.

The purpose of the Semester at Sea program, according to Ihab Anwar, is to expose students to a multi-cultural experience while preparing them for leadership roles. "I thought I was a pretty sophisticated guy before this," he says. "I grew up in England with Saudi roots. I have an uncle in Houston, Texas, and I go to school in Rhode Island." 

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